ShoeBox is a free Adobe Air based app for Windows and Mac OSX with game and ui related tools. Each tool uses a drag and drop - or clipbord interaction for a quick workflow.

A more in depth manual can be found here:


  1. Install the Adobe
    AIR runtime
  2. Intall the ShoeBox.air file
  • Drag a file on a tool.
  • Copy a text or image to your clipboard and click on a tool.
  1. Right-click on a tool.
  2. Click on the template to choose a setup.

Works great with:

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Pack Sprites Help

Packs multiple images, animated SWF (AS1, AS2, AS3) or animated GIF's into one texture Atlas.

Read Sprites Help

Reads a sprite sheet or bitmap font set and exports each individual sprite. Requires booth a image file and lookup text file.

Bitmap Font Help

Generates a Bitmap-Font set that can be designed with Photoshop and is compatible with the angelcode *.fnt format.

Extract Sprites Help

Detects sprites in a transparent image and cuts them out.

Split PSD Help

Splits Photoshop layers into PNG files. Doesn't support vector shapes or masks and advanced nesting commands.

Extract Tiles Help

Extracts a tile map and tile bank out of a screenshot of a game.

Flickr Upload Help

Upload a dropped image or clipboard bitmap straight to Flickr.

HTML Text Help

Converts UTF-8 rich copy into HTML safe code. If it finds characters that need to be changed for HTML it will show in red it's convertions.

Ani FramesHelp

Converts a GIF, SWF (AS1, AS2 or AS3) or PNG sequence into a animation sequence on a frame by frame basis.

Frame SheetHelp

Converts a GIF, SWF (AS1, AS2 or AS3) or PNG sequence into a animation sheet.

Sprite Pivots Help

Edit registration points (pivots) of multiple sprites at once. This pivot point is represented by the center of each sprite's canvas area.

Slice 9Help

Creates and reads slice 9 sets (aka 9 patch) from design files or existing slice 9 images.

Mask Image Help

Masks and feathers a non transparent image from your clipboard into a complex masked composition.

JPNG Bitmap Help

Converts from and to JPEG images with an additional alpha channel.

Mac to PC url Help

Copies the path of a dropped file to the clipboard or opens a file location if a path is copied into the clipboard. The path format is consistent between Mac and PC so that locations can be shared and quickly openend from any platform.